Monday, June 30, 2008

Rain Rain PLEASE Go Away...

Tired of this rain, really tired of it...Petunias are water logged. I just want some sunshine for one whole day...I did get a picture of the Crocosmia. It is really starting to bloom.

  • Name: The name name 'Crocosmia' comes from the Latin 'croceus' meaning saffron coloured (ie golden orange). Often called Montbretia as well.

  • Description: Crocosmia are rich orange tube shaped flowers arranged around a central axis with little clusters of flowers that branch out into a typical freesia-like flower spike.

  • Origin: Crocosmia originate from South Africa.

  • Colour: Fiery yellow, orange, red and tan colours.

  • Availability: Main season June to September

  • Care Tips: Crocosmia must not be left out of water too long, or else their colourful orange flowers will soon fade. Cut the end of the stems at an angle and place them in lukewarm water containing cut flower food.

Well it is suppose to be nice on Wed. I sure hope it is. We need one day so we can get in the garden to do some work and a day to mow grass. Than back to the rain for the rest of the week I think..




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