Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flowers in bloom in May

These are Perennials that have bloomed in the month of May in gardens.

Oriental Poppy and Salvia May night were a great choice of color for this spot in early spring.

Just down from the Poppies is a large purple Spiderwart that started blooming in early May.

Yellow Geum: this is only the second year for this one. It likes the full sun it gets right down next to the road.

Colombine were really great this year. They are one of the first to bloom. I still have a few late bloomers still going strong.

Daisy and Jackmanii Clematis next to the gate in the Secret Garden.

Knapweed a really old fashion flower that is really funky!! I love the flower !! It bloomes all of May and when cut back it comes right back. This one was given to me by a friend I worked with a few years ago.

Ok enough for today, I will try to add more later. I am having fun with this I hope you enjoy it too!!

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