Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good morning Gardning friends! The rain is finally over for a while I think. I went out this morning to check on the damage it did to the gardens. WOW what a mess! Things are laying down everywhere. The beautiful Salvia is just laying on the ground, but it will bounce back I hope. Some of the babies I planted on Tue. will have to be planted again, oh well.

Here are a few more of the May bloomers:

This is something new I added this year to the garden, and when it fills out I think it will really be pretty. Especially when the million bells and petunias start hanging out. It is really easy to make one of these, you just need 2-12in. pots, 2-8in. pots and a 6 in. pot. Put a piece of rebar in the ground and just start putting your pots on through the hole in bottom of pot. Fill the bottom pot with soil than add the next one only this time tilt the pot before you fill it with dirt, continue with the rest of the pots and fill with flowers. Than just ENJOY!! Try one I think you will like it and amaze your firends!!

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