Sunday, June 15, 2008

Leaves, Just Beautiful Leaves!!!

Every garden should have some interesting leaves. Weather they bloom or not they give your garden lots of color all season.

Here are a few of mine...

This is Oregano.. Kents Beauty (the one hanging out of the pot that is light colored)

this is what they call the flower you can almost see it.. the little tiny purple things. But the tips of all the stems have a light ivory and pink color to them that are just beautiful hanging from a basket.

Here are two of my three sweet potato vines..
the first one is Marguetite and the second is Sweet Caroline.. Bronze and I have the tricolor one too.

This one right in the middle of the 2 Coral Bells is new this year it is Bloody Sorrel. I love the greagreen leaves with the red veining. It says it is good for Zone 5 so I'm not sure I may have to bring this one in for the winter.

Amber Waves Coral Bells..

This one is really bright in the bed, it is also new this year...

Of course these two Scented-Leaf Geraniums will flower but I get them just for their beautiful leaves.

We will leave the cloeus for tomorrow, I love them and have a few new ones this year. They were a favorite of my father-in-laws as long as I can remember so I always keep a few each year and think of him when they are up and blooming...



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