Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hats With Hugs

I am sure all over the country there are lots of people that knit or crochet hats for cancer survivors. This month they are having "Hat With Hugs" It is the third annual yarn-a-thon here in town. This is the first year I have been involved and I am knitting like crazy. You go from 10-2 pick up your kit and knit or crochet all day... They say it is a wonderful event and everyone has a great time.
So I thought I would get a jump on it and start early. I have all kinds of yarn left over from other projects and what better way to use it. You can either go pick up kits with yarn and patterns or you can just go that day and get them to work on. So I went last Friday and picked up a couple... I love to knit but I also love to talk and doing both is hard for me to follow a pattern. So I figured I better get them done ahead of time... LOL I will take one that day to work on too, but it will have to be an easy one so I can knit and have fun at the same time... This one is my favorite one, made of all cotton with that big sun on the top... Nice and soft...
This one is one of the kits, I loved the cable pattern in this one... It is made of a soft baby yarn...

I just had to do a West Virginia one in Blue and Gold...

This was the other kit, it is for a child and with all that fun fur... I love it

This was some scrap yarn I had left over from a scarf, it looks like a cable but it isn't . I am learning a lot of new stitches along the way...
I hope to work on a few more while I have my father at the hospital this week for his treatments. He is doing really well... and so is my mother after her stroke in Nov.
Have a Great Week,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying out some new desserts...

It was a baking Sunday... I have been wanting to try this recipe for a while. I have always been afraid to try my own puff pastry and finally found a recipe that didn't take all day to make. It only took half the day...LOL
This is Honeyed Pears in Puff Pastry... Really rich but good. This recipe just might be a keeper for my next dinner party. But for now they are going to work with Tom tomorrow so we will see what they think!

Have a Great Week,