Monday, January 16, 2012

Ok I'm Back..

  At least I hope I'm back... Life has been crazy this fall. Parents to take care of , daughter is getting married, so we are down to 5 months away now and the crunch is on. School is crazy and kids are wonderful this year, and I've picked up 2 part time jobs on the weekends and my Garden Shop Job will be starting back in March. So things should get interesting...
    I'm back to my diet with the wedding coming and my hair is really getting long. I needed a change and I thought the hair would do the trick. It's that just one more time thing before you know, I get to old for long hair!!! LOL I went from spiked on top and shaved up the back a little over a year ago to a pony tail now... Life is good...I feel young again...
    We made it through the holidays, not by much but we made it... Things seem to get crazier with each year!
Ok enough for today, I will try to add some pictures of the wedding stuff from time to time and hopefully I can get back into my blog.