Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Green Petunia

My new Green Petunia is blooming, I love it, it is so different. Hope I can get seeds off it so I don't have to winter another plant cause this one is a real keeper. My petunias I swipped seeds from at Ruby Memorial last fall are blooming. Of course that husband of mine thought I was crazy at the time. But now that they are hanging out of those baskets it is OK!!! Here's a picture of the new petunia...
I finally had to cut all the Salva May Night back, I love it because it blooms so long, but that big rain finally did them in. So I planted some of the new annuals in that bed tonight. Then the salvia will be back in the fall.
Ok everyone start sending me some of your pictures so I can add them!!
Have a great day!! TTYL

The heliotrope is blooming finally. Just another

one of my purples.

The other side of the gate is finally blooming, only I don't know what the name of this clematis. Any one have any ideas??

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