Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little sneak peak teaser!!!

Just a few little teaser pictures on how the wedding plans are coming along. The burlap and jute theme is coming along quite well. I am really learning how to make roses out of just about anything! There are some great places to find just about anything you want. Inspiration and the best place to find it is at Pinterest.com
I typed in burlap wedding and WOW the things I found!!!
And just where do you find all this burlap, especially when you need yards and yards?
This site has everything hundreds of yards of burlap for the table runners and more, go take a look!!!

Jute Webbing is what these beautiful roses were made out of. It was just stiff enough to make these big roses beautifully. Even he rosebuds turned out great with it!

 This saying is going to be painted on burlap,you will see later how all this ties in with the roses.

 Little touches of burlap ribbon behind the ribbon rose looks cute on this candle...
 And this jute raped handle and muslin cabbage rose is so cute...
You will see the rest of this picture later too, but it looks really nice lined with all the burlap! I am having so much fun trying new things with burlap and jute along with some other textures and things are really coming together I think. So keep watching for more updates and you'll get to see it all after the wedding in June!!!

Have a Good One!