Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Upside Down Tomatoes

The Upside Down Tomatoes are starting to bloom, so they must be doing ok growing upside down. I should be picking tomatoes in a few weeks, right off the porch. lol Just thought I would try it, it looked like something cool to do. Tomatoes on bottom flowers in top.

Those funky flower pots are overflowing in the back bed. I never thought the heliotrope would get that big in that 6 in. pot on the top. You can't hardly see the two bottom pots now.
It was really a beautiful day and NO RAIN.
We even got the rain barrel hooked up this afternoon. I will take a picture and let you see how it is working as soon as it rains. Now I'm hoping for rain!!! lol
Have a Good One!!

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