Friday, June 27, 2008

It's been a busy week

It has been a crazy busy week. Worked 4 days at the Garden Center this week long hrs. but lots of fun... Wow was it hot. At least we got plenty of rain to water things. Then he hose at work cooled me off ofter... lol

Lots of work was done at the daughters house and I think we are finally finished there too...

Things are finally growing like crazy and I have taken a few pictures.

Red Cinquefoil
Finally blooming.. Such a tiny flower and blooms upright where the yellow one blooms on runners on the ground. Leaves look so much like a strawberry.

Stokes Aster...
I had to cut some things back to find this one, but it is finally blooming great.

Coreopsis are buzzin with lots of bees making that great honey..

African Daisy

Not doing as well this year as last. I'm still trying to get some seeds off this one but it is hard. Only got a few last year and had no luck with them coming up. I will try again this year. But prob will winter this one inside .

This green petunia is going crazy for sure... I will try and keep this one for next year.
Ok I'll try to check in tomorrow with some new stuff..

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