Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Wedding!

The Wedding has come and it was beautiful. The Bride was exquisite...and the Groom ? Yea he was great too...
Here they are on June 30, 2012... as Mr. & Mrs. JR Walls

Here she in front of the beautiful Dried Hydrangea and Grapevine adorn Antique Doors
that were the backdrop for the ceremony.
This was her vision since last fall when she decided this wedding, that was going to take place outside at Heston Farm was to be very rustic..

The main theme would be "BURLAP"
 Yes Burlap...

What does a mother do with Burlap?
Well I soon found out! LOL
(Burlap Curtain on doors)

But let us begin with the doors...
One evening on her way to our house to work on wedding decorations I got a call..
She ask me to please bring the Blazer and meet her at some construction company...
When I ask why all she said was please come...

When I got there all I saw was her kicking the glass out of some old yucky,
really yucky doors.
When I ask her what she was doing she said I just found the doors I
want to use for the backdrop at the Ceremony!
Well I just about dropped!!!
But soon we had them painted and sanded again to look new but to look old at the same time!!!
As you can see it worked just as she had envisioned!
Than in the fall she began asking perfect strangers "Can I please pick your hydrangeas?"
She collected hundreds and had them hanging everywhere at all our houses.
I couldn't imagine why she needed so many...
But look what my wonderful next door neighbor and great friend, that can make the most amazing flower arrangements did with them! Jeanie is AMAZING!!!
First we started with grapevine up the sides and across the top..
She added dried Lambsear and Nigella in with the Hydrangeas to make it just perfect!

This has to be my favorite picture with all the Bridesmaid's & Flowergirl 
 hiding behind the doors peaking around at her...
Her sister Colleen is in the middle of the window on the right...
She really did know what she wanted, and the photographer used them really well!

Here is the entire wedding party...
Of course the girls all wore Brown and the guys Tan...
To match the BURLAP...
The girls all wore different colored shoes and we matched the flowers baskets to them..
She even wanted to make them...
Here's Amanda and her girlfriend Kayla after a day of pulling grapevine down out of trees...
and making them look like baskets.
After they finished them I lined them with dark green silk and added light green ribbon to all of them and than filled them with silk flowers to match all the girls shoes..
JR calls her "CRAZY GIRL"
I'm sure it is for a different reason then why I call this
DIY Girl...

I am going to try to keep this story going so you can see just what went into this beautiful wedding...
I'll keep posting.



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Balisha said...

Oh, my gosh, Lynn. How very clever and pretty. What a handsome couple they make. Pleasae don't make us wait too long to see more pictures.