Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wedding...

Let the Painting Begin!

You know when my girls were growing up
I always told them
a name like Usary
you are always going to be at the end of the line
since you are at the end of the alphabet!!! LOL
So I always told them to marry someone
with a name at the beginning of the alphabet.

Do you think she paid attention???
I ordered 100 yards of burlap that was just the perfect width for table runners.
Now all I had to do was paint the edges and the "W"

The tables were being decorated and they were starting to look like we had planned...
The W's only got painted for the head tables
and one of the tables with the quilt as you walked in..

On all of the round tables we just painted the edges...
This was one of the things she picked out
back in Jan. when I was trying to get all the painted stuff done.

It hung on the wall when you first walked in...
I am hoping the photographer got a picture of it!

The glasses (or should I say Mason Jars) had to have a sign
so everyone would know to
Tag their cups...
So the end of January Amanda said no more painting!
There were so many cute ideas we could have done...
But we had to stop somewhere.

I painted a really cute board that one of Amanda's
best friends little boy was going to carry.
But at the last minute he got sick an couldn't come...
It would have hung around his neck and it said
Here Comes The Bride!
This was Friday night and he felt so bad..
There is nothing worse than a summer cold.
Especially in all that heat, at almost 100 degrees that night...

To Be Continued...



Laura said...

How pretty!
You did an amazing job on the runners.
How long did it take?

When my daughter got married, I did a runner with a monogram in flowers for the cake table.

Those are the touches that make things special-

White Spray Paint

Lynn said...

Laura it took a few long evenings to finih.. I painted 28 of them. Paintig the edges sealed them and kept them from fraying.

Balisha said...

Here I am again for another installment.

That little one looks so sad...
I loved the idea for the table runners.

What are you doing with all the different things that you made for the wedding now that the wedding is over?

I'm sure enjoying this...Balisha