Friday, July 27, 2012

The Wedding Day!

At probably 9:00pm Friday night I was still trying to get service on my phone
Being all the way down on that property away from everything and everyone!
We had no idea what all was going on around us!
I finally got to make a call.
First I called my parents to check on them.
I ask my dad is everything OK there?
He said yea WHY???
So I thought they must have power and they have no idea what is going on!!!

My next call was to my BEST FRIEND!

The person I always call first when I need Prayers!!!
She is always there for me and this night I really needed her, she had no idea how much!!!

I called and told her everything was a mess!
It seemed like just minutes and there she and her husband were...
I fell into her arms and just sobbed..
Now if you know me you know I NEVER CRY!
At least not for anyone to see...

I was so glad she was there.
There was nothing anyone could do that night in the dark...
but she didn't waste any time and got on the phone and called all our friends...
We have 6 couples of us that have been friends since before kids...
that is a long time!!!
She ask what we needed and I just said bring leaf blowers,rakes and anything else you can think of
we will be back as soon as the sun comes up!


The next morning we were there a little after 5am
and soon after here they came one by one!
I cried every time someone new came...

They just jumped right in doing everything!
Leaf blowers were cleaning the property..

All the gals were whipping off all the tables and anything else that need cleaning...

Chairs were being set back up...

The owners of the property came down and ran the lawn mowers to mulch up
the lawn after all the branches had been picked up...

My brother-in-law that had made that huge easel that got broken in the wind
came with his tools and put it back together..
It looked as good as new...

The men picked up those doors and bolted them back to the rebar
they had been ripped off.

And my amazing neighbor was there at 5:30 to basically
start all over decorating them again.
Than she started on the flowers that were all around the cabinet for the Mason Jars!

We worked so fast and furiously putting things back up one at a time.

My girlfriend getting candles ready!

All the men working to get the lights put up!
Yea they still put them up knowing we were probably not going to have power!

My sister-in-law filling globes with oil while tables were being set!

Time flew and at one point I said I would just stay and the kids could go
and get their hair done. It would be OK!
I still had to go put the flowers on the cake.

And I remembered OMG!
The wedding bouquet
I was suppose to finish that last night!

Jeanie she was my saving grace!
Along with everything else she finished it on time!

My girlfriends spent tireless hours primping over everything...
I had talked to Patty every morning all winter long. Describing everything in detail
that we had made and how and where I wanted to use it!
Boy did she listen...
Because after I left she and the rest of them made what they called
Executive Decisions!
And they were all Right On!

And my neighbor Jeanie everytime I was unsure about something and just needed someone to
check it out and give me an opinion she was right there to listen to my conserns.
What wonderful friends...

The  kids wouldn't let me stay they made me go get my hair done.
As I traveled up to get my hair done Patty would call and say is this OK or that OK???
Everyone of them had already been through this with almost all of their kids...
But this was my first...

I have never cried so much in my whole life..
They were good tears, I was just overwhelmed at all the kindness...
This could have never been done without them... all of them!

That day at 11am my oldest daughter came to me and ask
Mom do you know all the words to the songs they are playing during the ceremony?
I said yea right! Why?
Well mom we still have no POWER!
At that moment It just hit me like a ton of bricks...
Were we really going to have a Wedding?

To Be Continued...



Balisha said...

What would we do without friends? Yours were the best...Balisha

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