Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Wedding Day!

Can you find us??? Back in the left hand corner watching as our youngest daughter
dances her first dance with her new husband...
They were so happy and so were we!!!

OK so Colleen, Amanda and I all left in 3 different cars
to get our hair done.
Colleen's appointment was first
and as I sit here I can't even remember if we were even there
at the same time...
I know I had talked to her several times on the phone,
than she was off to make a couple more stops before going back to the Venue...
Amanda's appointment was next
she was almost done by the time I arrived!
When I got there I was a wreck, still crying at any little thing.
But Bill tried to calm my nerves
and did my hair beautifully..
(As I sit here writing It just hit me we took pictures that day at the beauty shop, they are on the camera that is lost or thrown away somewhere... that makes me so sad to have all those personal shots gone)

So off I went to go back home and get dressed...

So glad now that I had steamed all the girl dresses and mine on
Wednesday and Thursday nights..

Especially Amanda's that took probably an hour...
But they were done...

I jumped in the shower for maybe 2 minutes...
Girls all over my house running around
doing make up and jumping into dresses...
I grab Amanda's Dress and away we go...

I get there and I am amazed
things look beautiful
Everything back together
Sparkling Clean
And The Sun Is Shinning!!!


To my amazement there is electric and the DJ is  going to have power!!!
How is this possible?

As friends come back I get bits and pieces of stories of the afternoon!

Two of the guys earlier in the day are going out to get
 Ice and more bottled water.

Going down the hill they pass someone they recognize!
He has a generator in the back of his truck...

They get out to talk to him and explain that there is a wedding at Heston's today...

He ask Who's Wedding?

They say It's Tommy Usary's youngest daughter Amanda...
that's getting married and we have no power for anything!!!

He has known our family his entire life, in fact I used to babysit him and his brothers and sister..

He said let me make a few calls and see what I can do!!!

Before we knew it...
There it was a Giant Generator with A Light Pole
You know like they use on the interstate when they are working at night!!!
He just brought it and said there you are!!!
Of course I cried again..

One of the bridesmaids made a call to one of Amanda's friends and he had another
generator there in no time flat!!!

So now we have power in the kitchen.

Our Food had been transferred at 1am Sat morning to our local Fire Dept.
we put everything in their refrigerator's.

Than that morning our great Cooks went to the Fire Dept and put everything on to heat up
and had to transport everything up the the Venue...
So much extra work was done that day to pull this off...

There are those cooks look really close you can see them smiling and having a great time...

Here we go everyone in line getting their food talking and enjoying
their evening. As if nothing from the day before had ever happened.
Of course there are ceiling fans everywhere there...
not a one running...
Thank goodness the only thing the storm did bring was a little cooler
temperature and a breeze every once in a while...

To Be Continued...


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