Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Wedding...

The details...
We knew with a burlap theme it was going to be hard so we decided..

This very old suitcase was in someones basement, I think maybe Colleens.
We opened it up and inside it was lined with Contact Paper!
Olive Green and Antique Gold like from the 70's
I ripped it out really fast...
Lined the whole thing with "Burlap"
I never knew there were so many kinds of Burlap!
Than where the pocket on the lid was suppose to be
 I used a really open weave
Wide Burlap Ribbon and gathered it to look like the pocket

Now for the detail...
Muslin Roses...With Dried Lemon Leaves...
Muslin was Amanda's Grandmothers favorite fabric,
and she had lots of scraps in Tuff Boxes..
In fact she had lots of things we used for this wedding.
Grandma died about 2 years ago and every time we went to her garage to find something
We would say:
"She Just Keeps Giving and Giving"
as she always did.
She would have loved all the things we made and used of hers!!!
I learned how to make the flowers from many hours of watching You Tube Tutorials!
You can learn how to do anything from You Tube!
Than I ran a brown satin ribbon across the top from rose to rose
Made some letters out of card stock covered in fabric
for the words...
Added some antique linens and doily's
and a few more roses...

The ring bear pillow leaning in front, burlap of course with a birds nest on it!

Topped the table with one of Great Grandma's Quilts from the 40's
and that is where all the cards they received were placed.

I think it really did turn out pretty cute!

In Loving Memory...
I know somewhere there is a picture of this up on the mantel at the wedding.
I guess we will have to wait for the photographers pictures on this one...
I found one,but you have to look for it...
On the left where the antique lace tablecloth is hanging off shelf...
This picture gives you a good view of the fireplace area...
The tall racks held all the cupcake's, 190 of them...

Didn't need that fireplace with temps in the 90's

One more old suitcase
(Amanda works at Garfield's Restaurant and they are remodeling
So lots of the things that were up on the walls were up for grabs and she grabbed this one)
This one had tiny decorated bottles
with antique hankies tucked inside
"For Happy Tears"
It was so hot that weekend we
put sunscreen and bug spray
to keep everyone comfortable, being right by the river...
The basket on the right was full of Muslin Squares...
Everyone wrote with markers a nice note for the
Bride and Groom
These will be put together to make a quilt.
In the tall silver vase were sparklers for their send off...
This table also had one of Great Grandmas Quilts
along with a table runner made out of
Yea you guessed it!
With their "W"
I had good time painting all of those. The head table had the ones with the "W" for Walls
all the other tables were just trimmed in white.

On this bench another quilt with a basket of Beer Koozies as favors
and more of the Hydrangea Baskets ...

All of these tables lined the walkway as everyone came in.
It was nice seeing everyone writing notes and adding prints to the tree
and dropping off their cards and gifts...
and as you can see the sun was shinning on them this day!!!
It was beautiful!!!

To Be Continued...

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