Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wedding...

The Night Before the Wedding...

Well after a very HOT day it was time to practice this ceremony!!!
All decked out in their Hawaiian attire,
these crazy guys were ready to see
the bride to come down the isle!

I have no idea what they are looking at
but it must have been interesting!!! LOL
Remember these aren't the photographers pictures,
just pictures we all took.
I just loved this one because you
can really see how pretty those hydrangea's and lambs ear
dried flowers looked on those doors!
Here they stood holding hands practicing
for what would be the biggest
day of their lives!
It was a beautiful day
but it was way to hot...
almost 100 degrees and the humidity
well just let us say we were
all dripping wet and miserable...
Thank goodness for lots of ceiling fans in that place!!
Down the isle they went...
and off to the other end of the property...
The Rehearsal Dinner was to be all the
way across the property, down by the pond!
West Virginia is a beautiful State
as you could see we were surrounded by trees
big beautiful Green trees.
And to the right, right behind those trees
is a beautiful river!

If you look really close
far in the background about 300 yards down
Is the pavilion the wedding would be held the next day!

By this time mostly decorated
and shortly after this dinner we would be adding the
finishing touches on everything.

That way the next morning all we should have to do is set
the tables and add those little touches that would make everything perfect!
It was such a beautiful evening and everyone was having such a wonderful time!
It was a luau and everyone was dressed the part!
All the bridesmaids were looking great!!!
Signs were hung...
This one was designed by Mary
The Flower girl.
She always called
and well she never knew her Pap
So she always called
and that is what the sign should read...
and that it did!
Here we are
The Usary Girls!
Me,Amanda & Colleen
we had worked hard
and it was time to party!

Here is our wonderful Photographer,
JR's cousin Sandra and her husband Rocco
and I can't forget the Crazy Groom
in the background!
Yea that's JR

There is Marsha on the right
watching as they cut the great Grooms Cake
her and his sister BJ had bought for him!!!
It was special all right!!!
Topped with a replica of his dog Cabella
a 170 lb. Mastiff
and of course him laying under the tap on that Keg..
It was such a cute cake!!!

This is such a great family photo
JR,Mom & his sister BJ
They had no idea until that night
they had bought the same outfit
for this occasion..
JR & my nephew Austin
really did dress alike that night and they looked so cute!

They look like they just got caught taking a sneak taste of that cake!!!
And these life long friends always look this rotten...
They look so happy and ready to start a new chapter in their lives!

To Be Continued...

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