Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wedding...

Keeping with the rustic theme...
This is the cabinet that would house all the glasses for the wedding.
Glasses? Or should I say Mason Jars..
Yes Mason Jars each with a tag around the neck so you could
write you could write you name on it!
They were so cute.

I can, so I had quite a few already
But I hit a yard sale one day and got 7 dozen for $7.00
Boy was I happy.
Than a good friend let me borrow 84 of hers...
They got washed tagged and boxed away..
Another project done!

We started with an old cabinet I had,
Of course painting it than sanding it so it looked old!
The old door is another story in it's self.

I work at  wonderful garden center, I have been there for 4 years in the summers.
Last summer when I parked my car where I always park it, I looked in the field
and there it was the same door that had been laying there since before I started working there.
Why was it there??? Who knows but no one had ever moved it, not even to mow.
It just laid there...
So on that day I decided it was going in my car and home with me!
I ask my boss to give me a hand with something and I showed him to my car...
When I said please help me with this really heavy door and I wanted to take it home...
He just looked at me like he sometimes did
as if to say WHY???
What are you going to do with that??? LOL
It is going to be part of Amanda's Wedding!
Than he really laughed..
Yea Right he said...
All I did to that door was hose it off really good and that was it!
Still with the henges on it, we screwed it to the cabinet!

"Now for the "Details"
Grapevine & Hydrangeas
to start with...
The sign that read:

Your Glass for the Night
For what ever Tastes Right
Tag Your Cup!

Here is how it sat in my
Family Room/Storage Room

Here it is at the Wedding all Dolled Up!
Full of Mason Jar Glasses!
Under a Huge Tree adorn with lights
and lanterns with candles
At this time it also had
Wedding Gown Hanging in the Tree!
I can't wait to see the photographers pictures of this!!!

This was a special Glass..
It was for the Flower girl...
She was JR's niece Mary
As you can see some of the Mason Jars were special!
They had stems..
Commonly known here as

"Hillbilly Wine Glasses"

All the wedding party had one with their names on the tags
The Bride & Grooms even had a handle on the Mason Jar too!

They are really easy to make for yourself...
It is just a Glass Candle Stick
Glued with E6000 glue
right on the bottom of the mason jar.

But I liked Marys Best!

She was just the Perfect Flower girl!!

To Be Continued...


Balisha said...

Your wedding should be featured in a wedding magazine...Has anyone called "Martha?"

Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog Lynn! Keep it going...<3