Monday, July 23, 2012

The Wedding...

Look at that look on her face!!!LOL

Is she going to smash that cake
all over his face???

Nope she was really good!

But I would have bet you it was going all over him...
Instead that crazy husband of hers...
Smashed it in his own face.
They did have fun...

The cake was my biggest fear...
She wanted me to make the cake.
It just had to be small she said...
Only her and him would be eating it...
Remember everyone else would be eating the Cupcakes!!!

Than she would take one section to freeze and save
for their first anniversary...

But I don't decorate cakes I told her!!!
So fondant was my choice of frosting!

But I hate fondant!

That was until I found PINTEREST!!!
There was a new recipe for Fondant
It was marshmallow fondant!
I had never heard of it but it was worth a try...

Only Mini Marshmallows,Powdered Sugar and Water...
How hard could it be?

Actually really easy!
I looked it up on You Tube.
I love You Tube you can learn how to do anything there.
I always say I am a visual learner and watching the tutorials makes
it much easier for me!!!

This was my first try at this and I would do this one again
in two months.
Yea I made two of

No icing decorations
Just Hydrangeas and Raffia with a few Lemon Leaves
Topped with a birds nest.

Can you believe she picked the Hydrangeas last September
We did nothing to them but hang them
and they kept this much color.
I was amazed...

Oh I almost forgot the most important part of this cake...
The Cake Plate!

Last October I had just gotten home from school
and I heard a chain saw...
It was next door.
I looked out just in time to see the big pine tree come down.

It wasn't just any pine tree...
It was Amanda's Great Grandparents
Christmas tree from the 50's
It was huge!
I ran next door and ask the guy cutting it down
If he could cut me a couple of slices for us to save...
I knew at that moment it would be going under that cake!!!

Yea I not only married the boy next door,
we ended up buying the house next to his parents
and next to that was the house his grandparents built years ago...

Not a great picture but they are lit so you can see them.
A little closer look on this one..
Of course they had burlap and roses...

In the picture with them at the top...
If you look in the background on both sides of them
are the big arrangements
that had big branches that lit up
really beautifully.

To Be Continued...


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Balisha said... amaze me. That cake is so perfect and the slice of wood for a they said in the old days, "Why I never!"