Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wedding...

We'll start today with the invitation...
All of them were made with  paper bag brown card stock...
and the backing was of course Burlap...
Even the envelopes were paper bag brown.
We searched the Internet for just the right tree to print on the top
of course she had something in mind she wanted it to match.

By the way I don't think I have mentioned yet the new word in her vocabulary...
No matter how much they say about pinterest just say NO and stay away from it..
 She typed in Burlap Wedding ideas
and guess what???
thousands of ideas popped up... yea THOUSANDS!
That's when I knew I was in big trouble...
We just kept pinning new ideas on our Wedding Board
Finally I had to say we can not make them all we need to start a folder
of only the ones we can not do without!!!
That seemed to work FOR A WHILE!!!lol

She stuck with the theme of Burlap-Jute
for the invitation...

This is what she wanted it to match and follow through with

This was her guest book...
Or Guest Tree!

On the sign at the top read:

Leave your "Print"
On their tree
And make sure
You sign
For everyone to see!
Here today
Memories were made
That will last forever
On the branches
Of this tree!

On the swing will be Amanda & JR's print
On the branches will be the green prints of all the guests
On the Roots will be the prints of all of their family members
It turned out beautiful...
Things like this I started painting really early and just packed away.

So that brings us back to this beautiful part of the ceremony!
It was called the
(click on link above to see wording for ceremony)

They had a small tree potted at the side by the doors
In this ceremony
he added dirt to the pot
and she added the water.
If you click on the link at the top above picture it gives you everything they said.
This tree will be planted at their home.
As with most weddings that morning was a little crazy..
When he started to move them toward the tree she turned and looked at me...
as if to say:
That was one of the things on my to do list that morning
Bring Dirt and Water!
I just nodded as if to say it is there...
Thank God I remembered!!!LOL
I had never seen this done before and it was truly a unique part of the ceremony to remember...
Our photographer keeps sending us a few beautiful pictures as she finishes them. She has been doing such a wonderful job. It will be great to see them all.
This is what she did with the wedding bands and the invitation...

To be Continued...

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Balisha said...

I'm in awe of you all. What clever gals you are. Words escape me.