Thursday, July 17, 2008

What a Beautiful Full Moon...

I hope all of you have looked out the window tonight to see the full moon. It is just beautiful..
It seemed to just pop up in the sky...I watched it as it came up over the hill in front of the house.
So what better night then to show you some night bloomers in the garden.

This is the moon flower in my front yard.
This is a wonderful link to watch the flower open and it will tell you all about it.
I usually bring 2-3 in each evening because they smell so wonderful. They bloom in the evening and are done by morning, so you may as well pick them and enjoy them each evening...

This one is Nicotina, it also blooms at night and has a wonderful fragrance. I think I posted an earlier picture of the new lime green one.

Both of these really make a statement in your garden late at night. Especially the moon flower, because of their size and that bright white color. The bees love them, I have seen them get inside the flower even before it is fully open. Then they stay so late they can't even fly home. I usually find them hanging on my screens in the

Have a Good One!!


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