Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My new Gaillardia "Sundace Bicolor" flowers are finally blooming. planted them from seed early this spring at school in our little green house we had in the window.

The package says Cherry, bicolor ruffled globes in mahogany-red and gold are 2-3 inches across. Carefree Southwestern native is heat tolerant. A unique choice for beds, borders, containers or hanging baskets. Annual.

Well they are all of that, I love them They are the color of my perennial Gaillardia just round. The petals are cone shaped so the hummingbirds love them.

Take a look..


This is another new Gaillardia for this year but I can't seem to remember it's name "you know one of those senior moments". sorry I will think of it later.

Of course the Gaillardia Goblin I can't find a picture of one. But there are the 2 new ones for this year. I will post the Goblin tomorrow..
Have a Good One!

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