Friday, June 5, 2009

Officially Summer Vacation for ME!! School is OUT!!

School is finally out for the year, Monday is the last day for staff. Then we can finally get on with summer!!! I am making a list of all the things I need to get done in the next week ( I am a list person) and wondering how I am going to get all of it done. It has rained almost all week so nothing has gotten done outside except for what I call "feeding" the Slugs!!! I have gotten a few things done inside. Tomorrow is suppose to be our first sunny day this week and I have to work at the Garden center. Then into my yard in the afternoon for some much needed attention... It has been so cold I have been tempted to turn on the furnace, but not in June!!!

Miss Petunia is doing really well with all the rain, as soon as I get a few blooms I will post more pictures.
Here are a few beauties from the Zoo last week, I just couldn't help myself I had to take pictures of them...
Of course I have no idea what they are... something tropical I think!

These are the beautiful and amazing sea anomies. I have these in our salt water tank. I call them my winter flowers, they are so beautiful here in mass ...Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...



Tolentreasures said...

Wow! I want your job! A summer at home would be a dream. Enjoy it for me!


Balisha said...

Now wouldn't you would find flowers to photograph at the zoo...and I thought I would see monkeys. LOL