Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm the WINNER!!!

Last night I opened my e-mail and found out that I had won a contest I entered a while back. All you had to do was send them a picture of your favorite Incredible Plant Stand. This one was mine from last year. I bought the "Incredible Plant Stand" From Friendships Garden
last summer. I love them, it just sits down inside a large pot and you add whatever size pot to it that you want...
This one sits on my back steps and looks like "MAGIC". Everyone loves them... This was the picture I sent in.
The prize is I can pick any two items from the website. So I ordered two of the topiary stands... I can't wait to fill them up!!!

You will have to make sure you stop by Friendships Garden and check out all the different things they have available. They are really astonishing and amazing quality. They also have ones that make your pots look like a topiary, one that hangs from a chain, and small table top ones for smaller pots. You will have to look at the Photo Gallery to see all the things you can do with them. Your imagination can go wild, trying new and different ways to use them. I always bring mine inside for the winter and put house plants on it, at Christmas I fill it with Poinsettias, they are just beautiful...
Here is what they had to say about my submission:

Mr. Wilson is pleased to present the Winner in the Large Plant Stand Category.
This submission by Lynn U. of Fairmont,WV is the epitome of what we all hope
to achieve when constructing our plant stands. Lynn has used a wide variety of
upright and trailing plants from scovoela(fan flower) to calliabrochoa(million bells)
and including geraniums among several other goodies. Her choices of color and cascading
plants is certainly pleasing to the eye and the little decorative house at the base is a very
nice decorative touch. The article on the winners is in their June Newsletter, and my other photos along with this one will be in the Photo Gallery.

This is one I did last winter, it included this lamp basket... Have fun on their site and go wild, you'll love them!!!


Tootsie said...

I did a post about the tipsy pots a while back...congrats on the deserve it...that looks incredible!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Congratulations Girl! You have some wonderful plantings in your tipsy pots. Mine two are in the shade so not much happening to it.I need to move one to a more sunny location.The one you did last winter with the basket was so different. I love it.

Balisha said...

Congratulations Lynn. Your pots are so pretty and lush. I would never have thought to bring them inside.