Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Have I ever told you what a wonderful school I work at...

Not to long after I got to school this morning, one of the teachers called me up to her room. Which wasn't unusually, we are always going back and forth. But when I got there all the kids were standing and clapping. I couldn't understand what was going on!!! Then one of the boys presented me with a wonderful present and a card signed by all of them. They were thanking me for helping them learn how to fold a Paper Crane. Little did they know when they ask I had no idea how to do it. But is was for a wonderful cause and I knew I just had to learn... I watched lots of YouTube videos until I found one I could finally understand as he taught it at a snails pace...LOL

I went to school and starting teaching, The kids were so great and they learned so fast, much faster than I!!!

We made 1,000 of them just like the book they had read said we needed to do to bring a very sick little 9 year old good luck so he would get better from his Leukemia. They worked so hard, they made little ones and big ones every night and would bring them and add to the giant pile that very quickly added up... When they were finished they gave them all to Sammy with the book and wished him luck. What a wonderful teacher they have to have come up with this book for them to read and follow through and do this great thing... We do have wonderful teachers and children at our school...

This is the beautiful present they bought for me, and I love it. It matches so well in my dinning room.

Look how wonderful this looks on my hutch filled with my antique silver spoons...

They also got me some chocolate too but I have Hidden it!!! LOL

So Thanks Kids, but you are the ones who deserve a hand!!!

Have a Good One,


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Balisha said...

Please consider yourself when complimenting the teachers and school.From reading your posts...I can tell that you are a wonderful deserving of sny praise. No one knows how much time the good teachers spend...not only in the classroom, but after class... on their own. You are a gem! Take a bow!