Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My indoor greenhouses are looking wonderful, with little seedlings really doing well. I am so ready to plant them in something bigger. But here in West Virginia I don't dare put anything outside yet. It will be at least the second week of May before any annuals go in the ground. I'm going to plant a few hanging baskets in the next week or so and put them on the porch where they can't get any frost on them. The greenhouses will move outside in a few weeks also, when I can open them up to get acclimated. Then as always when they are ready my girls start looking at what they want for their yards. They both love planting and making their very own flowers beds look great. "AT LEAST ONE OF THEM LOVES PLANTING!" I do most of the planting in the other one then she does the watering!!! LOL
The next 3 days are going to be wonderful with temperatures at just around 70 degrees and NO rain!! Finally. But as luck would have it, the weather gets better and Tomorrow is my first day back to work at the local Garden Center. So as soon as I finish with school tomorrow, I will go right there!!! Something I have been looking forward to all winter. I work the next 3 days, there's not to many flowering plants out yet but lots of trees and shrubs. But it won't be long...

Here are some pictures of what is growing here at home now!A little Torenia and some Million Bells...Lots of Impatients....Petunias lots of different Petunias... My children call me the Petunia Queen...
But they love when it is time to plant their own... I did lots of double cascade ones this year!Double Lt. Pink
Double Pink
Double Burgandy
Double Blue
Double LavenderI just planted all my Lobelia and Alyssum last night. So they are in the greenhouse with light and heat mats... Nice and warm in there!Tomatoes are doing almost too well, they will be blooming before I get them out!LOLThis is a whole different story, I took these from my daughters attic yesterday. She moved into a house with lots of leftovers in the attic. West Virginia Commemorative RC bottles. They are dated 1974, the same year we were married. I just had to have them.

Wait until you see the Huge antique picture frame I came home with also... ANOTHER PROJECT! Just what I needed another PROJECT!!

Have A Good One,



colleen said...

Gee, I wonder which one of us your talking about? I'm a good waterer. ;0)~

Lynn said...

And you are a wonderful daughter!!!