Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It is West Virginia... If you don't like the weather...WAIT A DAY!!! That is what my Father-in-law always told me! Sunday it was beautiful at 71 degrees, I got to work in the yard all day. When I woke up yesterday morning at 6am it was 61 degrees. By 9am it was in the mid 40's raining and windy. Last night around 8pm it was 32 and snowing. "WHAT'S WITH THAT" I love spring but Winter just doesn't want to give up this year. This is my Spring Break Week , I so wanted to get outside some. But I guess it will be house cleaning and finishing up on the Couch project kind of week. I should have the couch in my family room by Easter.
We are having a big crowd for dinner on Sunday. What I thought was going to be just a few has really grown. The more the better I always say. I love having all the family around.

I was asked about this wonderful plant the other day, I decided I really didn't know what it was for sure. So I just got on Dave's Garden and posted pictures for ID. I'm sure someone there will know what it is. Then I will know too... LOL

I love it and so do the Bees......

UPDATE: 5:57pm
I knew Dave's Garden would come through for me!!!

PlantFiles: Oregon Grape, Oregon Grape Holly,
Holly-leaved Barberry
Mahonia aquifolium
My poor little birdie laying in the garden just waiting to be picked up. This bed needs a lot of work...

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Darla said...

It's wonderful when the mystery of a plant's ID is solved!