Saturday, April 18, 2009

First day back to work...

It was my first day back to work at the garden center on Thursday. I got to work on Thur., Fri. and all day on Sat. The weather was beautiful and everyone was out and ready to work in their yards this weekend. I know I already have a full time job, and yes I leave one job and go right to another one.... BUT, I love it, call me crazy... I got to see so many people this week that I haven't seen since last fall. They were so excited to be back looking at all the beautiful blooming trees, new perennials and it smelled of tuns of fresh mulch. Yes I love the smell of mulch, IT JUST SMELLS LIKE SPRING! I brought home a truck load of mulch today, so tomorrow I will be out there trying to beat the rain. My wonderful boss laughs at me because he says I work for DIRT... Today was also pay day and I am already in the RED... But that is why I work there, it pays for my summer addiction. I only came home with 2 plants today!!! It is a Phlox Coral Creme Drop. (Phlox paniculata Ditomdre)http://http//
This one blooms all summer and is a perennial. So what could be better than that!

I just got done reading one of my favorite Bloggers Blog all about Hummingbirds. You can check it out at Never Enough Time @

I love Hummingbirds but just have never had feeders. After spending an evening last summer at a friends gardens I fell in love. She had so many feeders and the birds were everywhere. I couldn't believe how many there were. So I decided this was the year for feeders. I received several for Christmas and have found a few this spring. So I think I am ready.

This one all the glass is that crackled look...

This one came from Cracker Barrel...

These little
ones came from Lowe's...
This one Glows in the dark, how cool is that.
I can't wait til it is time to put them outside.
So thanks for all the info Balisha!!!


Balisha said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for mentioning my blog. I love these little birds and look for them impatiently every year. You are going to have hummingbirds coming out of your ears this year...what with your new feeders and all the beautiful flowers that you grow. We have bought the more expensive feeders, but they always come to the old, worn out, ugly ones from years ago. I guess it's like us...we have a closet of clothes and we pick out the old comfortable ones to work in the garden. I'm anxious to find out when you get your first one at your new feeders. Hugs

Beth said...

Hi Lynn:
Thanks for visiting my blog and the idea about the $1 roasting pan for seeds. What a creative idea!

I always thought that would be fun working at a nursery - albeit seasonally around here. And I can certainly relate to being in the "red" already - how can you not bring one of everything home!

P.S. I like the smell of mulch too.

Photos 01 said...

I'm envious that you work alongside all those flowers!!!!!I love doing floral still life images. Come by my blog and "smell the flowers" at either or

Anonymous said...

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