Monday, February 2, 2009


My Birthday couldn't have gone better, it was an absolutely beautiful day with the weather sunny and in the 50's. The beautiful sun melted off all of the driveway just in time for family and friends to arrive for an evening of fun... Friends brought me Steeler necklaces, and a Terrible Towel just in time for the game... At halftime the Steelers were ahead and life was good, I blew out my candles and we ate cake and ice cream. I'm not sure where I put it after all the pizza that was consumed the first half!!! LOL

We sang our Steeler songs and swung our Terrible Towels, screamed and yelled at all the good calls and the bad ones, all the missed passes and the great catches. We laughed at all the great commercials, and even wore our 3D glasses Even though we really looked silly!!!! But win or loose (don't get me wrong I'm glad we won!!!) it was all about a house full of GREAT lifetime friends and wonderful family that I loved the most, just spending some FANTASTIC quality time together..... IT WAS TRULY A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!

Everyone brought pizza toppings and I made a homemade personal pizza for everyone. Someone brought a big beautiful salad and with all the dips,chips,and other munchies it was a good thing we got some exercise swinging our Terrible Towels!!! LOL

Up close and in person... They got a kick out of my Olive Penguins but had no trouble making them disappear. They were just large olives slit down the center and stuffed with cream cheese. A small olive on it's side for the head and carrot slices for the feet. After cutting a small wedge out of the feet you inserted the little wedge into the small olive for his beak and tied a green onion strip around his neck, ( a chive would be good for this too) using a toothpick to keep it all together... I couldn't resist this one with all the snow we have had here lately!!!

See how silly we looked in our glasses watching commercials!!! I'm sure I will look just as silly wearing them to watch Chuck tonight in 3D....

Well I hope this new snow storm misses everyone tonight, although I could use another snow day just to sleep in ONE MORE DAY..... LOL

Have a good one,



Cynthia said...

Those penguins are so adorable! Thanks for sharing the instructions and the photo.

Anonymous said...

I loved this story since I was a part of it & was in the picture w/glasses on!!!
You deserved to have a beautiful birthday cause you are a beautiful person with so many talents you love to share--love the penquins!!!Have a fabulous year & thank-you for sharing your love & life w/me!!
Love you--Patty

Balisha said...

looks like you had a great birthday. Sounds like fun was had by the penguins...I may "steel" your idea.

OhioMom said...

Now those penguins are just too clever ! That pizza looks real yummy, I love pizza :)

Matron said...

Those olive penguins are amazing!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and letting me know you did the penguins!

Yours are darling~ I love the bigger feet. :) I'm so happy your guests enjoyed them.

I enjoy gardening very much, too. I hope you don't mind, I've added your blog on my list of favorites. ((hugs))~ Mari