Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to working on the couch...

I have pondered long enough, I came home from work tonight and I knew I just had to lay down for a few minutes.... As soon as I hit the couch I knew sleep was not in the picture. My mind was going 5000 miles an hour... But sometimes that is a good thing. My mentor from the fabric store that has been giving me a few ideas on how to go about covering something I have never seen before! She said to start with covering it with some cotton fabric first, it is like a trial run. None the less it is working for me. If I mess up I just take it off and try again, and again and again!!! LOL It is working. It is just such a strange piece since both the arms go up and down like a chase lounge outside. You know the old kind that the back went up and down and with each inch it caught on a latch and set at different levels... Both arms do this.... So there is the issue of the fabric being tight when the arms are up and down, if that makes any sense to you. Then covering the mechanism so none of the fabric gets caught. Just too much to think about all at once. Of course it has too look cute at the same time. Right now it is just a red cotton fabric, something my mother-in-law just had a piece of and gave me. I have to make cuts on the fabric to make it fit around things, so I used a swatch of fabric to make a template and try it out. I just hope it will work on the real fabric....


Of course it might take until spring, and I may not be able to eat in my dinning room for weeks to come, BUT IT WILL GET DONE!!!

Here are a few shots of the progress...

Remember this is a flower blog, can you see those seeds growing in the background under the lights???

Ok I'm tired now,



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Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Wow Lynn! I think it looks beautiful so far, you're doing great.

I have my late mother's favorite chair which I would love to recover, (or have recovered.)

I would prefer to try doing it myself, so I'll be following along with your progress. Keep up the good work! xo~m.