Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Wedding... Lets Party!!

OK it's time to start this party!!!

The first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Walls

They are just too cute!
Now it's dads turn with his baby girl...
I can only imagine what they talked about during this dance!!!

But this was the dance she knew was coming, but I'm not sure she told JR about this one...
This is a very special dance...

If you have been reading this blog you know this group is a very special group!
The 5 couples that we have been friends with since all of our children were born, and before that!!!

When the first of the children started getting married these wonderful men
started a new tradition!

I'm sure on that day they didn't know what a Grand Tradition it would be!

They all encompassed the bride and groom
and at that time they give them all of their best wishes
and let them in on all the secrets of life and how to have a Great Long Lasting Marriage
as we have all had!

Well they got her...
and she knows what is coming...

and now the new husband...

This has become a very emotional moment for the bride & groom...
because everything that is said at this moment
they know is from the Heart!

It's as if you have SIX FATHERS AT THAT MOMENT!!!

You laugh, you cry and you soak in all of their wisdom!

They all truly love you!!


To Be Continued...

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Balisha said...

What a great tradition. Isn't she pretty?