Friday, August 17, 2012

Some time off...

Sorry for the lack of posts... I will get back to it..

My father is in the hospital on a vent with a very bad pneumonia since last Friday. Than on Monday the rescue squad took my mother to another hospital 20 miles away where her heart Dr is. She only stayed 1 day with a mini stroke.We spent 5 1/2 hrs in ER... Grrr... But going in two different directions is crazy and trying to work this first week of school.
   Hopefully dad will be off vent this weekend and they will move him to a rehab center in a few days. Of course 20 miles away from here. Having him right here at the hospital has been easy to stop before work and after. So I can get home to attend to mom...Thank God they live close to us.

So I will see you all soon...
Keep Us In Your Prayers!


Balisha said...

Oh, Lynn...So sorry to hear about this. Of course you are all in my prayers. Please take it easy and just concentrate on what has to be done. You've had so much stress this year...Keep healthy.

James said...

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