Saturday, January 9, 2010

My daughters puppies

We decided to take a trip to our daughters the other night. Tom was going to work on a little plumbing and we were going to sit in front of the fire and knit. But the dogs had something to say about that. When Cabella wants to play you play. So we gave the two of them a sock and let them play for a while. It is so funny to watch a 150 lb Mastiff put her butt in the air and set those feet as if this little 5 lb. chihuahua was going to just pull Cabella over!!! Harley is all HEART! for sure!!! She will not let go, she thinks she is the big dog, but the gentle giant plays so easy with her...

Here I am sitting on the floor with Cabella she weights as much as I do and she isn't fully grown yet...But she loves to have her picture taken, she is such a baby always wanting to lay her head on your lap so you will pet her, she is jealous of that little chihuahua always getting up on our laps...But one of her paws will crush you!!!LOL When she was a little smaller I would let her jump up on me, but this time when she started to jump I screamed like a little girl. I guess she got the message because she jumped down...

Hope the video works ok it is so funny!!!

Have a Good One,

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Balisha said...

What a beautiful dog. I love the facial expression. They are so cute together.