Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I need help from all my garden friends!!!

Here I am at the Readers Walk Garden Booth this fall with one of the Grass Head People. We made kits up for all the kids so they could go home and make their own. We had a ball with them and the kids loved them...

So what I need is your help, I need to come up with a new idea for something like this that the kids will love, and where better to look than right here. I know some of you are bound to have some ideas for me!!!

1. We will need something that won't cost a lot to make kits with, we will be making 100+
2. Something fun for kids
3. Educational
4. With a garden theme
Look how cute they turned out and this was only after 1 week...

This was the instruction sheet we put in baggies with the grass seed...
So I am counting on you all to send ideas, pictures, links or what ever you have!!! Start thinking!!!


Anonymous said...

Another great kid- friendly activity your readers would enjoy is to grow a TickleMe Plant from seeds and then watching the plant MOVE when Tickled! As a first grade teacher I no longer plant Lima beans, as the growing of this interactive plant, proved to be much more exciting and educational for my student's.
I found my supplies for a classroom kit at http://www.ticklemeplant.com but they also sell individual greenhouses and even party favors, with everything you need to grow your own TickleMe Plant from seeds. I assure you your kids will be more excited about gardening, and its just fun to watch the expressions of the faces of children (and even adults) when they see the plant close its leaves and droop when tickled,

Balisha said...

Hi Lynn, Well, here are my first thoughts...can you get baby food jars?
1.A garden in a jar...Spray the lids a color...use play dough or green clay and "plant small flowers" in the clay..tip upsidedown and tie a ribbon around the lid.

2.Small milk carten bird feeder or house.Suitable for wren or sparrow. Cut a hole for an entrance and punch holes in bottom for drainage. Include some nesting material..moss, twigs etc.Wire to hang it with.

3.Clear Glass or plastic jar terrarium with soil 1/3 of the way up. Bean seeds to plant in the soil. A little moss and a small "critter" to put in the moss.
4. Something with pine cones...
5. I looked up your state flower, but I don't think you could do much with a rhododendron. Maybe you would have an idea.

I'll think of more.

Lynn said...

This looks amazing, I think the kids will love them. I looked it up and they seem to grow very fast so that will be great. I'm going to order some seeds today... Thank You so much!!!

Keep the ideas coming!!!

Tootsie said...

what a fun idea!