Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Panic Mode!!!

Does it look like me??? YEA IT DOES!!! Do you ever feel like this???

Because of the Insurance Company and how they tell us what and "WHEN" we do things. I am having surgery on the 15th! Ten days before Christmas.... It's not anything serious just a Deviated Septum "A Nose Job" that has been causing me lots of infections...
What was I thinking?

My family always says I get crazy at Christmas trying to do everything, but this year everything really has to get done really early and fast. BUT I AM REALLY GOING CRAZY THIS YEAR!!!

I know I am a control freak, and I want things just so so, and I know this isn't going to happen this year. So I just need to breath and let things happen as they will and know that it "WILL" be ok!

If I don't get a chance to post again before than my daughter will keep everyone posted!!!But I won't let her post any pictures of me with 2 black eyes!!! LOL It would ruin your Christmas!!!


Tootsie said...

oh no!!! I hope the surgery goes well...and that you heal fast.
Take care of yourself..and don't worry...we won't laugh at your black eyes when your daughter posts them in secret! lol
I hope your Christmas is merry regardless!

Balisha said...

Hi Lynn,
Hey wimp, I put my bald head there for everyone to see a few months ago. Just kidding...glad your daughter will keep up the posts. Take care and know that you will be in our prayers. Joe sends his good luck wishes.
Balisha ((HUGS))

Darla said...

Christmas will be fine around your house. I'm sure you have everything in order and have written down orders, I would. Your daughter could post photos, I mean it would be educational for us...LOL Prayers that your surgery will go better than well!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Good luck on your surgery. Those sinus infections are murder.
Shucks and here I thought as I was reading we would be getting pictures of Lynn the raccoon ;)

Colleen said...

Don't worry ladies the pics will be there moms approval or not. She has no faith in her daughters that could do her Christmas routine in our sleep....its making her let us do it that's the hard part. We promised everything willbe wonderful and if its not perfect its still ok.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Love the photo. Thanks for the smile:) I know what you mean by wanting everything perfect for the holidays. We shouldn't take responsibility for that but we do. Just part of being a woman.

Balisha said...

This is for Colleen...
You are such a sweetheart for keeping us up on your Mom's progress next week. I think that you will do a beautiful job of doing her "Christmas" routine. Your Mom is a special lady...I know that first hand. I hope that she does well and finally gets rid of those lousy sinus infections. I'm looking forward to your posts.
Balisha ((HUGS))