Monday, December 14, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!!! from "my" Balisha

Today was a great day and it only got better!!! It was my last day at school until the first of the year. I am having surgery at 7am (but I have to be there at 5am) I am not a morning person!!! We had our little Christmas party in our classroom today, with all kinds of goodies. The kids made cookies that were beautiful!!! Lots of friends stopped by and grab a bite, so all in all it was a great day. I made a few stops on the way home and when I walked in the door my husband said what did you order? It came... I hadn't ordered anything so I looked at the box...

To my surprise it was from a wonderful friend!!! How funny things happen sometimes... Out of the millions of people that blog I have really bonded with one "FINE LADY"! We have so much in common. Except for her exceptional Poetry that she writes, I couldn't write like that,Ever!!! She even wrote me a beautiful poem to go with my "Beautifully hand painted Gourd Birdhouse!!! That is one thing we really have in common is our love for painting. Now I see first hand what beautiful work she does. I know the time it takes to do a project as this one, and I know when I used to paint for someone it was special because I thought about that person the whole time I was working on it. So that makes it even more special to me that she took the time to make this for me!!!
I love you Balisha and I will Cherish it forever!! You are so special.... This wild lady is going to be just fine tomorrow and Colleen will get on here tomorrow after she gets home from work and let you know how things went!!! With me and my big nose and black eyes!!!LOL

I sincerely thank you for the beautiful gift I truly love it!!! It made my "WHOLE" day
Talk to you soon, tell that cute young man of yours I said HI!!!

Check out my wonderful Blaisha at:

Blogging Buddies for ever!!!


Darla said...

Pray the surgery will go well. What a great gift!!

Megan said...

We are going to miss you at school! Get well soon. I didn't get you your christmas card......I am such a procrastinator.