Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling better

All is well...
This morning I found a package in my door from the staff at school and this was the card attached.... DO THEY KNOW ME OR WHAT!!! This is the cutest card I have ever seen. I do love my Chihuahuas!!! They are so great at school, I love it there!!!

The card said, "Hope your insurance offers better coverage!" And as you can see all my babies are taking great care of me. If I am on the couch they are all around me, they haven't left my side. How do they know??? Mia at my side, Claudia right under my arm and Keegans little ears at the bottom laying right up against me. They are just too cute...
I am feeling a little better,but I look like a chipmunk with a mouth full of nuts. I am really swollen, with 2 wonderful black eyes... I AM BEING GOOD! Letting everyone take care of me. It ought to be an interesting Christmas and the Christmas Photos will be great!!!

Have a Great Week,


Darla said...

Cute card...and what an adorable photo of you and your rest and let the other's take care of you!!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

You take care now and let everyone treat you like a princess.

vickie said...

Oh I love that card! Hope you are feeling better, and resting. Your little critters look like they are
doing a good job helping you get well. I love my chihuahua too.
take care and have a great weekend.

Balisha said...

How are you feeling this morning? Joe said that your kind of surgery was really painful.I only had to look at you.. to see that. When I first looked at this post...I thought that you had made a little gown for one of your dogs. What a cute card. Take care and don't overdo.
HUGGS Balisha