Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wooly Bully Bag for you knitters!!! UPDATE!!!

I can't beleive it I won something on someones wonderful blog...  I have never won anything on a blog before... I keep trying and finally it happened.
The Blog is "Sew Mama Sew" 
(click on link to check it out)
I have been a follower for a while now and I love looking at all the great things she is making. Always great book reviews and she hilights some great crafters... So go check it out ...

Usually in the summer I'm not into knitting as much, but the past few weeks it has been so hot I don't even want to go outside. So to keep myself busy in the house in the evenings I started a new purse. I love felted purses they just look so cool. You knit them with 100% wool yarn on large needles, so the knitting goes pretty fast.This is a picture of the really large loosely knit purse right after I finished knitting it.
Of course it won't stay this way long. We all know what happens when you wash wool in very hot water!
If you look close you can see all the stitches on this purse, and it is 32 inches long from top to bottom.

 This is the finished purse now only 22 inches long from top to bottom and you can no longer see any of the stitches. It is just to cool how it works. You put the knitted purse into a big pillow case and throw it into the washing machine on the hottest water you can get it on. You keep checking it every 8 minutes or so never letting it go into the spin cycle until it shrinks to where you want it! Take it out, and shape it, pulling and tugging at it until you like it. I even put a metal box inside it overnight while it dried to give it those nice crisp edges.
 I always have to give it some type of decoration and with this purse being solid navy it needed something.
I got up this morning and my mind was going 500 miles a minute trying to figure out what to put on it. So here it is. An orange rose made out of an old t-shirt. I cut a piece, wound it up and twisted it to look like a rose with a pearl center. Added a few knitted felted leaves,edged with a blanket stitch and a couple of beads for the center of the leaf. Than put a pin back on it a pined it on. I hope to make a few more different things to put on it to interchange them from time to time. But who would have known an old t-shirt could look so good as a rose!!! I love to recycle...

For all you knitters out there this pattern came of Ravelry my favorite place to find great free patterns. So go check it out! Here's the pattern for this one. Woolly Bully Bag by Lori Puthoff. It is a great easy pattern. Hope you enjoy!
For the leaf I just knitted a square and felted it with the purse than cut out the leaves, did a little blanket stitch around the edge and the little beads up the middle and that was it! Glued it all together and put a pin back on the back of rose...

Have a great week everyone!!!


Balisha said...

I haven't really felted very much. This just might be something I'd like to try. My wedding sampler is at the framers, so now I can do other things. Thanks, Balisha

Lynn said...

You go girl the pattern is right there for you... It was easy and fun. I will add a link so you can make the t-shirt rose too...