Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What We Love About Gardening

The other night I picked up just a little book that looked interesting. It is called "Inspiring Thoughts for Gardeners." Sometimes when you least expect it, bam it is right there. I was in a little discount store looking for a gift and it just popped out at me. As if to say "Buy Me, you need this." Well I guess I did and I just want to share a little of it with you. So I will be putting little bits and pieces of it on here for you to enjoy too!!!


Before God created man... before He created animals,fish, or the stars in the heavens...God created vegetation.
God not only provided seed-bearing plants for our sustenance; He gave us beauty to enjoy in the flowers and the varieties of flora found throughout the world.
Why do we enjoy gardens of all types? Imagine God's delight as He spoke the words and new growth sprang from the earth. That delight in mirrored in our faces as we marvel at what we've nurtured, weather an herb in our kitchen window or a large plot of vegetables we plan to sell.
Each experience is like sharing something with God. Gardening gives us the chance to see the miracle of life spring forth from a seed or cutting. Watching a plant grow and produce in a vision of God's care for us as His children. Gardening is a way to provide for our family and friends, just as God provides for us. Every time we share fresh produce or a plant we've raised, we are extending God's love to those around us. I can't imagine a better way to share Christ than to give to others from the fruit of our hands.

Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be your for food."
Genesis 1:29 NIV

This is a new Geranium I picked up the other day, I love the shape of the flower petals. Just something a little different...

This picture was taken last year near fall. My 55 gal. water barrels are behind all this beautiful foliage. You could hardly see them. I hope they do as well this year...

My daughter Colleen just got new patio furniture after helping her father put it together it was time for a rest. It looks beautiful with all that stone on her house...

Hope you all have a great week,



Balisha said...

Love the little reading from your new book and I also love your new "look".
Colleen looks pretty comfy sitting on her new chair...Her house looks interesting...could we see more?

Anonymous said...

wow--I did like it--how beautiful & how true--a gift from God for sure--Love--Patty