Sunday, November 7, 2010

This ones for you "LIL"

It has been a rough month in the Usary House. One of the sweetest ladies I have ever known died 2 weeks ago. She was my Mother-in-Law... Since I grew up across the street from my husband and his family, and we have lived next door to them for 32 years I have actually known them forever! For a lot of people living next door to your in-laws would be terrible, but for me and my family it has always been wonderful and my in-laws were wonderful. My Father-in-Law died almost 6 years ago now, and he has been truly missed.
This picture was taken in May with her daughter Patti and son Tom (my husband)
Lil had just turned 83 on Sept. 9, here she is dancing in her wheelchair with her youngest grandson. She loved to dance and she loved her grandchildren more than anything.
She was a tiny 5 ft tall ( 4 ft. 10 really lol, but she always told everyone she was 5 ft.) I remember one day she ask me to go buy her a pair of tennis shoes, when I ask her what size she told me size 3 I didn't believe her until she took off her shoes and showed me. I must have been around 17 at that time!!! She loved working in her flowers and the garden and that day just didn't want to leave to go get new ones!!!
Back in the day her 6ft. 1 husband used to throw her threw his legs and above his head when they danced. I would have loved to have seen that. She was 87 lbs. when they married. But she could shoot a gun and fish with the best of them...
So dancing at her last birthday was great to see!!!
You can tell she was having a blast...
All the staff at the Nursng Home had so much fun with her, and loved her.
Later that night we went a picked her up and took her to see her oldest grandson preform with the High School Band. We got her there just before half time and brought her home right after they finished. She was so happy to see him play for the first time on the field, he is a freshman this year. "She said it was great all those kids came out to back him up" how cute was that...
Here is Joe & Lil in a picture just before their 50th Anniversary, what a great couple...

Lil loved to craft and sew, not to long after we were married she started a craft show. It grew quite a bit over the years. So much so that she had to move it from the community building to the fire department, where she had a lot more room for crafters and the public that loved coming to it. She did this for 30 years and it was always the third weekend of October. She had a set of rules for her crafters and the most important one was that no one could start packing up anything until 4:00 when the show was over. Well on that 3rd weekend this year she packed up and left us 15 minutes early and I could just hear her saying ha ha I broke my own rule... It was just fitting she died on the day of her craft show.

It was wonderful for my girls growing up next door to their grandparents,my oldest Colleen was the first grandchild on both sides of the family. What fun they had over the years with all the grandparents.

We are all going to miss her very much, things aren't going to be the same without her laughter and quick wit. One of her favorite sayings were:

"I'm so *TERD (*she would spell this) Tired

I could *FART(*she would spell this) Faint"

It took me the longest time to catch on to what she was spelling and saying...LOL

Those Sunday dinners with her great cooking, Christmas Cookies( by the dozens) and Party Mix, Great Christmas Goodie Boxes she made each of us, and just that loving smile she always had. Everyone that knew her loved her.

This Blogs for you Lil, hope you're kicking up your heals with Joe!

May you Rest in Peace...

We love you....


Balisha said...

Dear Lynn,
I can feel your pain in this beautiful tribute to your "Mom in law" She must have been so special. Wonderful pictures to go with this touching post. Joe and I send you and yours our love and sympathy.

Darla said...

What a heartfelt beautiful post here....such an inspiration she was to all of you.