Sunday, November 28, 2010


It is that time of the year when you have so many things to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband and 2 great girls. A home to live in and food to eat.... This year for the first time in over 20 years I did not cook Thanksgiving Dinner. A couple of months ago my youngest insisted on cooking for all of us! I was so excited! She did a wonderful job and everything was great. My husband always goes hunting the week of Thanksgiving and hasn't been home for the holiday in years. But with the passing of his mother and all the things that had to be done he stayed home this year. This was a real blessing! I always say God has a plan for us and all things happen for a reason. I was so glad not to have to cook and to have him home. On Wednesday evening my father called to say he thought my Mother had had a stroke to please hurry over. I called 911 and went across the street to their house. We are also blessed to have a wonderful Volunteer Fire Department right down the street and they were there in minutes. My father also has breathing problems and he wasn't doing well so they called a second Squad. It looked like grand central station and all the neighbors were really worried when they saw all the lights, and both of them leaving. Of course it was the holidays and the Squad Cars came from 2 different counties, not even ours... It was a blessing they put them in 2 rooms side by side in the emergency room. Dad had a lung infection and and infection in his leg. Mom and a stroke and they kept her, but she is getting much better, they have moved her to a rehab yesterday.
So even though my holidays weren't what I thought they would be I still have lots to be thankful for! Everyone is doing fine right now, Thank God!!
I am blessed that my father has wonderful neighbors that keep checking in on him, and if it hadn't been for my "Angel" of a next door neighbor that came over Wednesday night and finished baking my rolls that were raising on my counter and finishing up my pie and sweet potatoes that were half done I would have never made it to dinner on Thanksgiving.
God really does bless us...



Balisha said...

Hi Lynn,
You've had such a year my friend. I'm so glad that your parents are doing well. Here's hoping that they continue down the road to complete recovery. Take care and let others help've been so good to everyone. Hugs Balisha

Balisha said...

Thought I'd say Merry Christmas, before it gets too late. I hope that things have quieted down a bit, so that you and your family can have a blessed Christmas.
Balisha ((Christmas Hugs))