Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow... Snow...Snow...GO AWAY!!!

The snow is beautiful but I have had just about enough. Our last day of school was an early release on FEB. 5th and it hasn't stoped snowing since... It seems every night when it gets dark it starts pouring it down, covering the roads again... Last night when it started again I just couldn't believe it! We are suppose to get a break the next few days, but another storm is coming on Sunday night and Monday. Just in time for another week of school! This is my back porch today. I haven't seen the tables or grass since the first of the month, and it doesn't look like it is going away any time soon.
We just keep digging out.... Especially for those little dogs of ours. They run out to their little spot and run right back in. Toooo Cold for them...LOL
My neighbor even Plowed a path from her house to mine today, we keep running back and forth with our knitting projects.... In our big boots!

The ice is beautiful...

Drip... Drip...Drip...

Feb 8th

Feb 6th

This is our main street somewhere under all of this. I don't live on a back road or a side street, this is the main road!!! LOL
I used to say," If you don't like the weather Wait a Day". But that hasn't been the case this month! Maybe next month it will be better. I sure hope so. But I really can't complain, I love the time at home just being a couch potato. I hate going out in the winter!!!

Have a Good one and Stay Warm,


Darla said...

Goodness!! That's some snow ya'll are getting....You'll have all of your Christmas presents knitted soon!

Balisha said...

Hope you are cozy at home. Aren't you glad that you have projects to entertain you? All I can think of when viewing those ice jams..we had one on the gutters on the backside of the house and when it started to melt then rain...we got water in the house. Balisha