Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Cross Shelter Evening!!!

Last night I got a phone call asking for our help, It was snowing like crazy of course and the roads were terrible. It was a call from a friend trying to find someone to man the Red Cross Shelter at our Fire Dept., that just happens to be 4 houses down the street from us! I can look out my front window and see it! There are still so many people without power in our county.There was only one gentleman staying the night that had been without power for days. One of our other neighbors that was volunteering was warn out, because she had been working for a couple of days there and needed a break. We had never done this before but were willing to give it a try. I was so glad we did. When I got there it turned out to be an old grade school classmate and we all had lots to catch up on. After I got there with all my knitting and a book I decided to call my next door neighbor and invite her down for some fun. So we had a knitting party. She has been wanting to learn how to knit and what better time!!! We sat there until midnight laughing and talking about old times.... Than Tom took her home and we all went to bed. Even our two little dogs stayed the night!!!LOL

Some times it is just what you make of a situation, and this one turned out to be a great 24 hours. We got up this morning to a phone call telling us that all we had to do was run to Cracker Barrel and pick up our breakfast, Cracker Barrel is just about 1/2 mile down the road... So Tom took the dogs home and ran to get breakfast...They made us so much food and it was great as always!!! Than I called my neighbor and her Grand Daughter, and my daughter and we all continued our knitting party all afternoon... Around 6 this evening we got to come home, his power was promised to be on by the time he got home from midnight shift tonight and all was well!

I hope all that have had to stay in shelters during this crazy winter weather had the enjoyably time that we all did !!!

Stay Warm and Safe Everyone,


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Balisha said...

What a fun evening that turned out to be and you helped your community at the same time. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.