Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting back into Knitting!!!

A few weeks ago I went on a school field trip and one of the teachers took her knitting to work on in the bus. She was knitting a beautiful scarf, I don't think I have knitted since my kids were young. Not to say I know much about knitting. I can cast on and knit or pearl and cast off. Not much more than that!!! So scarf making is right up my alley! LOL So I went out and got some new needles and some yarn. I had forgotten how relaxing knitting really is! This is the one I made for me, really fuzzy and warm. I wore it to school on Thursday. If you look really close at the yarn you can see the little extra piece of string wrapped around each piece of yarn. Yarn has really changed since I knitted last!!! Both scarfs that I made were multi colored and it made it's own stripes without even changing yarn... I loved it... This one I made for my mother for Christmas (nobody tell her!!!) All her favorite colors wrapped up into one big scarf. It should keep her warm!!!This yarn was all rippled and bumpy so it made a really great scarf. I just love these new yarns. Of course they probably aren't really new to all you knitters but they are new to me!!!

I am having a good time knitting, but I can't seem to get much else done, especially the chair I am suppose to be reupholstering for my daughter before the end of the month!!! But I will get it done! I PROMISE!!! (I know she will read this)... LOL
I want to get a few more done for gifts for Christmas I just hope I have time.
Have a Good One,


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

How beautiful Lynn. I admire anyone who can knit. I just never got into knitting but the miles of yard and thread I have used on crocheting must be huge.Funny but I never do it anymore. There are some amazing yarns on the market today with so many colors and textures. You picked a beautiful one.

Balisha said...

Hi Lynn,
When do you find the time for all you do? These scarves are gorgeous. What size needles did you use? Did you find the "fuzzy" yarn hard to work with? Your Mom is going to love it...

Lynn said...

Balisha, I used #17 needles that is why they were so quick to do, the fuzzy yarn is easy to use and so soft. I love it. I am starting another one tonight.By the way my surgery is Dec 15th. I'm going to try and have all shopping done. But it is going to be hard!!!

Balisha said...

Hi Lynn...That's where I have you shopping is all done, except for Joe.
I love the yarn you used. I just ordered some yarn...I want to make a scarf for our Priest yet. Don't think he has a wild . Fluffy wouldn't do.I bought a nice tweed...2 kinds in fact. Won't you be glad to have that surgery behind you? Hope you can stay well until then. Have a great week.

lynn'sgarden said...

Goodness gracious, Lynn, we ARE clones!!! I've been in a knitting frenzy too with holiday gifts!! Scarfs are the best! A few hours and the project is complete... instant gratification~lol!!

Teeny tiny #2 sock needles have been giving me hand cramps...ugh!

Your twin!!

Lynn said...

ur right i will read this. no one else needs a scarf but i really could use a nice chair. :0)~