Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Arts & Humanities 25 th Anniversary Celebration

The Marion County Arts & Humanities had their 25th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday afternoon. I was pleased to be invited as a past recipient. I received my award in 2000 as Artist of the year. I was so thrilled that year when they called me to let me know... Each year they give out awards for Art, Music, History, Drama,Teacher,Outstanding Students & a special Marian Satterfield Award. Here I am with a special friend John Fallon, who won his award in 1990 for Drama. He has preformed in so many plays over the years I have lost count. He is wonderful!!! From 1990-1997 we were both in the play Pickett's Fort An American Frontier Musical. It was preformed in an outdoor theater each summer for 2 weeks. My youngest played his daughter for a couple of years until she got to big for him to carry her on stage and my oldest was in the chorus. Those were memorable times. My mother thinks he is THE BEST!!!
While at the Celebration they had a duo called "Bridging The Gap". Here is what it said in our program:
"Bridging the Gap" duo Peter Wilson (click on the link to check out Peter playing)and Aaron Clay. This word famous duo was honored in the 2004 ceremony with the Music Award in recognition of their "outstanding leadership and devotion to the enhancement of the arts". Hailed by the Washington Post for "Superior arrangements and uncommon musicianship" the unique duo perform work covering the wide range of musical styles in venues from private homes and schools to concert halls and stadiums. Wilson and Clay are members of the President's Band and perform throughout the world. They have become frequent guests of the Millennium Stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts...

What a wonderful surprise to see them preform on Sunday. In 2004 when I was invited to the White house for Dinner, as an artist, they were playing. But at that time I had no idea one was from Fairmont (my home town) and the other 20 miles away in Morgantown WV.
To say the least I had a great day, I enjoyed seeing old friends and wonderful music and great food!!!
Have a great week,

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Balisha said...

You never cease to amaze me...the different things you do. You have the most interesting life...thanks, so much, for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful time.
((HUGS)) Balisha