Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finishing things up today!!!

Multi Tasking that is what women do!!! I ran from the bedroom helping the husband put down hardwood floor, to the dinning room helping my youngest reupholster a headboard and bench this weekend. The bed and bench are "FINISHED". The bedroom floor is finished just a few more pieces of molding, then on to the walk-in closet. We can move all the furniture back in the bedroom and quit sleeping on the floor in the family room...
My daughter and I had so much fun working on this project this week, we went to pick out fabric at our favorite fabric store Fabric On A Roll 2 weeks ago. The three fabrics she picked out worked really well together. We both like the look of mixing fabrics and three seems to be the magic number. After we had picked fabric we went to another Yard Sale last weekend and found a Bed In A Bag set that just matched.(the pillow is sitting on top bench in first picture) We just couldn't believe it, Unused and still in the bag for $20.00. The bed skirt,comforter, six decorative pillows and shams. What a buy!!! The bed & bench came from a Yard Sale a few weeks ago for $15.00 and we put about $50.00 worth of fabric on it!!! Not bad !!
She got the job of removing all the staples and cutting all the new pieces of fabric on Wednesday while I helped with the floor. You don't realize how long it take to do this. It seems like there are a million staples... But it finally got done. On Thursday we worked on the headboard and finished it, lugging that big thing around to get all that fabric on. Deciding not to put those 80-some buttons back on... Thank Goodness!!!
Then on to the bench last night, adding batting and making cording,choosing what fabrics would go where. We laughed and had a great time working together. Some Mother-Daughter time... I love it!!!
Finally we are finished, it feels so good when you finish a project!
Now back to the bedroom I have a closet to clean out, What Fun!!!
Have A Good One,

PS don't you love how the dogs had to get in on the picture...

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Balisha said...

Wow.. is all I can say. You are like a whirling dervish. What a fab...job you and your daughter did. Be sure to show off the floor.You haven't been posting and I knew that something was going on at your house. :) Take care and maybe rest a bit!