Monday, January 12, 2009

How do you know when you have Spring Feaver ???

Well for my husband, he knows exactly when I am getting a little antsy for spring to be here!!!

It's when he sees little baggies taped to the kitchen window!!

And when he sees my big box of seeds....

I just have to try to start a seed or two in my window, and of course I have to get that big box of seeds I so diligently picked from every flower in the yard. Just before the frost hit everything and they were gone forever...

So I take my little coffee filter, wet it and lay a few seeds down and fold the filter up ever so gently. Slide it into that small baggie, just leaving it open enough for a little air to get in. Then tape it to that bright sunny window, in hopes that something will sprout and I can plant them in little pots.

It doesn't take much to make me happy, and he knows it. So he never says a word, just gives me that look that tells me yea spring will be here soon and I will again be back out in that back yard planting away...

The next move is to the basement where the lights are up and ready, but even I know I need to wait a few more weeks for that step.

So for now I will just watch my little baggies and wait for those much wanted little sprouts!!!

Have A Good One,


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