Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Snowy Day... In West Virginia

Well I'm going to try and keep to a garden theme today, at least a little!!! LOL It is really hard to think about gardening in this weather. Here are a few Summer and Winter Pictures...

We got some more snow last night, the roads are a mess and I can't imagine we will have school again tomorrow.. It is so hard for our buses to get up in these hills safely in this weather. I've worked on the school buses in the past and it is hard to get up some of these roads on a good day!!!

We didn't have school on Thur. or Friday last week. I have not left the house since last Wed. when I came home from work. But I do have my priorities, so I will be leaving the house tonight. I have a MASSAGE at 6:30 and nothing is going to stop me from that appointment...

It has been a pretty lazy week around here (except for last nights Steeler Game!! We did do a little screaming!!!)
The dogs have been just as lazy as the rest of us...

This is comfort to the max... Claudia just chillin' on her blankets...
Keegan all wrapped up, and probably mad because I uncovered his head to take a picture!!!

Claudia was wrapped up with him....These two little ones hate to go out in the snow, so it's a quick trip when they go out!!!

Keep Warm,

Have a Good One,


PS The Wonderful husband is working on the Fainting Couch frame!!!

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KC MO Garden Guy said...

Love the pictures!! Now you need a picture from the sping and fall! I love to look at the snow but hate to get out in it. I guess you have to take the good with the bad as they say.
What cute little doggies you have!!