Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Weekend....

It was a big Birthday Weekend. My oldest daughter is turning 30 tomorrow and I just don't know how I could have a 30 year old daughter... It seems just like yesterday that we were telling everyone we were going to have a baby... With all the excitement of the first grandchild in the family,everyone was excited. She was due on Feb. 11, but decided she couldn't wait that long. After a long day at work, then an even longer walk up the hill to a friends house in 8 inches of fresh snow. It Was Time!!! Now it is 30 years later and I wonder where the time went. She has grown into a wonderful young lady,with a great personality.
We had a wonderful dinner last night at her favorite restaurant with lots of friends and family. There was also another party going on in the same room with about 50 others. When without any warning my Brother-in Law stood up, put his fingers in his mouth and whistled very loudly, very out of character for him. He asked for everyones attention, told them it was Colleens birthday and would everyone please join in and sing Happy Birthday!!! Her eyes got so big and she loved it!!! We just couldn't believe he had done it!!!

Here she is later that evening out partying with her sister and friends, just enjoying the moment!!

Have a Good One,



Balisha said...

Where does the time go? I think that we should really treasure each and every moment... to make life slow down a bit. Thanks for sharing your happy story.

Mary said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! Oh, to be 30 again... ;) And a little advance wish for your birthday as well -- hope it is a joyous one!