Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Weather and a few new Wedding Projects

This was the perfect ending to a beautiful day!!! Wednesday we woke to beautiful skies of sunshine and warm temperatures! I think it got up to almost 85 degrees. Now remember it was March 21 and we do live in West Virginia. I know it is spring now, but it is like no spring I have ever seen. We haven't had our furnace on for over a week and we are sleeping with the windows open. My lovely CRAZY neighbor even has her AC turned on... What is going on with this weather. Today my husband plowed the garden, neighbors are mowing grass and the garden center where I work part time is selling a record amount of mulch for this time of the year!!!
I got off work at 3:45 yesterday and went straight home changed into shorts and an tank top, grabbed my paddle and my life jacket and headed to the river. Popped the kayak in the river and away I went up stream. I paddled for 1 1/2 hours and it felt wonderful. People were laying out in bathing suits on their docks like it was July...
Even School has gone crazy, our county works 8 snow days into our calendar but this year we only used 2 so we have every Friday off until the middle of May. Really 4 day weeks, what could be better. So I hope to get right back in that kayak tomorrow for another trip up that beautiful river...

 It was a well deserved trip on the river because all we have been doing is working on my daughters DIY wedding. But we are getting so much done.
 We are making Hillbilly Wine Glasses out of Mason Jars. All the cups for the night will be mason jars, and all different size jars for decorations.
This will be the cabinet that will have all the mason jars in it,trimmed in grapevine and accented with an old antique door that has the sign that says: "Your glass for the night for whatever tastes right". Tag your cup. Everyone will write their name on the tags that will be on the jars. I popped a couple hydrangea's in the grapevine so we could see how it looked. There will be more flowers and leaves woven in among the grapevine right before the wedding. It is going to be a very Shabby Chic Wedding with lots of  old looking things for  sure. So see we are getting some things done. I will keep posting as time goes on...

 Hope you are all have this great weather too, have a great weekend!!!


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Nice blog. Interesting wine glasses!
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Balisha said...

Hi Lynn...Happy Easter!~
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