Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a WOW Chocolate Pie !!!

I just can't keep out of the kitchen this summer. I have made this pie and taken it to 4 different places the last 2 weeks... It has to be one of the best pies I have tasted in a long time and everyone seems to like it! It's like a big brownie in a pie... I love searching the Food Network, Epicurious and Tastespotting for new and different recipes. this one came from the Food Network and is courtesy of Paula Deen. So try it out but be ready for some really rich chocolate... and you MUST have ice cream with it!!! Pie Recipe (just click on Pie Recipe) AND ENJOY!!!

Have a Good One,


Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Lynn, it looks delicious. I haven't been in the mood lately but sometimes I'll get in the mood and bake up a storm.

Paula said...

I like chocolate, but I do not love chocolate. However, this pie looks wonderful. I'll have to make it sometime.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy does this look yummy! And I think I would have to agree ice cream is a must!!

This reminds me of a chocolate flourless cake recipe that is wonderfully rich and delicious!